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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 13, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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tonight on "nightline" -- guided by voices. she didn't pull the trigger. so, why do both the defense and the prosecution say she's the key to the cold-blooded crime? we have the explosive closing arguments in the dunwoody day care trial, where he claims voices made him do it. but how loud was herds? god's army. a 19th child. and they're not done. this megafamily believes jesus, homeschooling and certainly not birth control. they claim they are following god's plan. but are they also relying on help from science? and mean girl moments. courtney from "the bachelor."
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madeline, "from revenge." theresa, from "real housewives." why americans love to love the women they claim to hate. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, from terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city. this is "nightline," march 13th, 2012. and good evening. i'm bill weir. for court-watchers it is a case like no other. a young father, executed after dropping his child at day care. a killer who says he was just following the orders of angels and demons who look and sound like pop stars. after riveting closing arguments today, one question remains in the dunwoody day care shooting case. was the killer crazy? or just crazy enough to trust his alleged mistress? here's abc's andrea canning with the latest in our "nightline" series, "crime and punishment." >> reporter: after nearly a month of testimony involving murder and manipulation. >> liar, liar, pants on fire.
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>> reporter: not to mention, an angel with the voice of livia newton-john, and a demon who sounded a lot like barry white. ♪ that's what you are >> reporter: the prosecution and defense wrapped up their case today. and it was explosive. >> this is where it starts. >> reporter: leaving the jury with one, big question. is hemy neuman accused of killing the husband of the woman he was in love with, insane? >> he has a delusional disorder. >> reporter: or is it all just an act? >> this man right here is guilty all day, every day. and if you don't trust his word, and you cannot find him not guilty by reason of insanity. >> a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity is a verdict that says, hemy was used. hemy was manipulated. >> reporter: from the start, it's been a high-risk defense. the 49-year-old engineer claiming that angel with the voice of olivia newton-john,
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ordered him to kill rusty sneiderman, outside of a day care in 2010. the defense says it's this woman to blame. his love and ledgedly drove him to murder. >> andrea sneiderman. adulterer, tease, liar and master manipulator. >> reporter: the prosecution contended today that hemy neuman knew exactly what he was doing. >> hemy neuman killed rusty sneiderman because he wanted his wife. because he wanted his money. because he wanted his life. >> reporter: neuman first attempted to carry out his plan on november 10th, 2010. rusty sneiderman had a terrifying run-in with his soon-to-be killer while home alone with his 2-year-old son. >> there's a man who is sleeping in my backyard. he's running. i think he has a gun in his back
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pocket. now, he's running away. i don't know who the hell is. and i don't want him by my house. >> reporter: in his own words, neuman would later describe that tape in an interview with a state psychiatrist, played for the jury. >> i had a wig. you know, the garage opens. i would just make my way in through the garage. and then, and then shoot him. >> reporter: but sneiderman caught neuman offguard when he checked a gas leak. neuman fled. eight days later, he would try again. following sneiderman to his child's day-care center. this time, he succeeded. shooting sneiderman four times. andrea sneiderman has repeatedly denied any affair with neuman. breaking down on the stand during the trial. >> none of it was ever returned. and i made myself completely clear. >> reporter: neuman said he killed so the two could be together. and to protect her childn from
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rusty. >> the angel told me he was going to hurt them. and it was up to me, not the police, not someone else. but it was up to me to save the children. >> reporter: throughout the trial, a parade of dueling doctors gave opinions on neuman's mental state. >> is this defendant bipolar? >> he's not. not many my opinion. >> reporter: but this psychiatrist for the defense, said that neuman had delusions, ordering him to kill rusty. but a demon that sounded like barry white, told him to kill himself. >> he described the demon as much bigger than him. he could feel the demon engulfing him. >> reporter: above all, the prosecution asked the jury to think of the victim while deliberating. ru rusty sneiderman, a father and harvard grad, with everything to live for. >> rusty was a good dad.
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he loved his children. this twisted man devuated this rusty sneiderman. this is real. it's real. not tv. it's not make-believe. it's real. >> reporter: the case is now in the hands of the jury that will decide if hemy neuman will potentially spend the rest of his life behind bars or in a mental institution. for "nightline," i'm andrea canning, in new york. and coming up, when 19 is not enough. a famously massive family wants to have another member. good willing. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar, on december 21st, polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space, which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd and you still need to retire, td ameritrade's investment consultants
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hiiiiiii!! come sweat with me! keep going richard. keep sweating!! geico. fifteen minutes could save you sweat! sweat! fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> announcer: "nightline" continues from new york city, with bill weir. no one can accuse the bates
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family of not practicing what they preach. the ultra conservative christians have just added number 19 to their brood, making theirs one of the largest families in the entire nation. but all of that conviction comes at a price. and as abc's juju chang finds out, sometimes following god's straight and narrow requires a little earthly help. >> push. >> reporter: you're watching no ordinary labor. >> it's a baby. >> reporter: this is a woman who's done it 18 separate times before. do you ever wonder, the toll it takes on your body? i mean, after 19 pregnancies, and 19 children? >> i guess i've been pregnant more than i've not been pregnant. so, to me, i feel normal when i'm pregnant. it's a boy. >> i told you. >> it's a boy. >> a boy. >> reporter: in fact, kelly bates is a veritable babymaking machine. pregnant, every year for the
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last 23 years. and the latest birth was not without drama. >> is he breathing okay? >> oh, wait. whoa, whoa. >> i was prepared for him to be a little blue. but he stayed blue longer than we thought. he didn't cry as good as we thought he should have. so, we're worried. and they're going to give him oxygen. >> i like that. there you go. that's a good, buddy. at a way to cry. >> reporter: at 45 years old, kelly bates' biological clock is running down. and after several miscarriages in recent years, the risks are growing. >> i know that i'm getting older, obviously. and i know there's going to come a point in time when, you know, we won't be able to conceive. >> reporter: though gil and kelly say they never use fertility drugs to get pregnant, they admit to using hormones to stay pregnant. >> once we have conceived and there is a live baby that is living, we feel like it deserves
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the best medical care that we can give it, just like any of our children. if one of my children was suffering and they said, we need to do this to save them medically, oh, we would say, do anything. anything you can to help them. >> reporter: because for you, life very much begins at conception. >> life begins at conception. we have a new baby. >> reporter: baby number 19, is 6 weeks old. he doesn't know it yet, but he's been born into one of the biggest big families in america. with eight older brothers and ten older sisters. the bates' clan captivated "nightline's" attention last year, when i first ventured down to lake city, tennessee. we were there when number 19, jeb, was a mere speck of a heartbeat in an ultrasound. >> it's exciting to see it. >> reporter: at the time, the hopeful parents were nervous after having recently lost a
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pregnancy. >> our first question is, is there a heartbeat, every time. so, that concern stayed throughout the entire pregnancy. >> i'm always nervous. but i try not to show it, i guess. ♪ >> reporter: the bates are an ultraconservative, evangelical christian family. the girls dress modestly. and their strict values, harkin to a bygone era. and the whole family agrees, the more, the marrier. >> boy, girl, girl, boy. boy, girl, girl, boy. three girls. three boys. and then jeb. >> reporter: jeb closes the gender gap. >> they prayed so long to give us another baby. >> reporter: i'm goingo ask the kids kids, do you think we should have more kids? are you all still praying? >> we need one more boy. we need to catch up. >> reporter: kelly homeschools all of the children. it's a way, she says, of
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instilling values. and outside distractions are kept to a minimum. have you ever heard of snooki? >> is that a dog? >> reporter: it's not a dog. >> one of the reasons we don't have television is because it's so tempting to be so involved in a show that you lose focus of other people in the room. >> reporter: but the bates are no strangers to cameras in the room. it's ironic that you are -- you're going to be tv stars. and you don't even have a tv. >> hey. welcome to the bates house. >> reporter: that's right. the bates are about to become reality tv stars. for gil and kelly, the tlc show, "the bates family: baby makes 19," is on opportunity to spread a message of faith. >> our priorities is god first. family next. and then ministry and work. >> reporter: are you worried that your kids are going to turn into celebrities? celebrity is known to spoil people. >> well, i would say -- >> reporter: i wouldn't mean
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spoil like dutch. like milk. >> i would hope and pray that whatever platform god would give them, they would use it for the good. >> reporter: their lives are not just an exercise in faith. but in frugality, as well. they scrape by on the earnings of gil's tree cutting business. the older boys work with dad. >> we made a commitment when we first got married to not go into debt. >> reporter: staying out of debt mains shopping at thrift stores. they don't have health insurance. but they take pride in paying off all their medical bills. >> i don't take anything from the government. i would probably qualify for a lot of things. >> reporter: the kids have been taught the value of a dollar, too. check. their 18-year-old son, lawson does the family grocery shopping every week. >> it's not even a pound and it's $3.34. >> reporter: i could quiz every 18-year-old i know. and not any one of them would
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know the price of a pound of turkey. >> reporter: it transformed an unknown pennsylvania senator, into a leading contender iffer the presidency. shaking the republican establishment to its core. that is lawson, with his older brother, zach. at what age did you start cooking for everybody? >> i was probably about, i'd say, 12. >> reporter: each bates kid seems to take on household duties with a smile. even the six to seven daily loads of laundry. is that the dirty pile? >> that, unfortunately, is the dirty pile. >> reporter: what they do seems impossible. the care and feeding and nurturing of now 19 young people. and while this is not the way most of us would choose to live, there's likely a lesson for each of us in the way they do. i'm juju chang, for "nightline," in lake city, tennessee. >> and the bates family, baby makes 19, airs march 20th on tlc. and coming up, from "the
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well, as you may have seen here last night or heard about around the watercooler today, the bachelor picked the mean girl. driving the righteous indignation to new heights in america. but keep in mind that may west, and every reality show producer, a good girl is good. but bad is better. as abc's david wright explains in tonight's "sign of the
11:57 pm
times." >> reporter: think of a parallel universe where snow white gets the brushoff. >> will you marry me? >> yes. of course, i will. >> i will love you forever. >> reporter: and the handsome prince proposes to the evil queen. >> ben, it's beautiful. i will love you forever. >> i will love you forever. >> reporter: maybe not. in "the bachelor," this year, forever lasted only long enough for the bachelor to watch the show. >> winning. winning. >> r reporter: ben quickly realized just how catty -- >> i am want to rip her head off and verbally assault her. >> reporter: how conniving courtney really is. however hot she may be in the hot tub or on the beach. >> some of the things that came out of her mouth were unbelievable. you could not believe she would actually say this. >> she's leaving. i guess it's bittersweet.
11:58 pm
sweet for me. really bitter for her. >> she called girls in the house, fatty and horseface. stuff she did on national tv. >> reporter: it's reality, folks. a reality when nice girls and guys finish last. where mean girls win. >> people like watching mean people. it's entertainment. it's pure entertainment. that's all. >> reporter: on soap opera, it was joan collins on "dynasty." >> if you've quite finished. >> i haven't. >> reporter: heather locklear on "melrose place." >> shut up. >> reporter: these days, madeleine stowe on "revenge." >> don't hurt my son, emily. you'll learn to regret it if you do. >> it's a perversely divine state to be in. >> reporter: is it fun? >> it's great fun. >> reporter: not only are mean girls fun to watch. when mean girls brawl -- "real housewives of new jersey" -- or
11:59 pm
on "the jersey shore," it's must-see tv. reality producers know that. ben's folly was so epic, fans autotuned it. >> i got the rose. >> likes to go topless. >> reporter: after he realized his mistake, she kind of apologized. >> i really should have watched myself for. i got a little sass in me. >> reporter: and after the final rose, he tearfully grovelled. the stunning conclusion, he took her back. the mean girl wins again. i'm david wright, for "nightline," in hollywood. >> oh, ben. finally tonight, breaking news from the political world. abc news projects that rick santorum will take both the alabama and mississippi primaries. alabama, strong conservative voters gravitated towards the former pennsylvania senator. second-place finisher, newt gingrich. mitt romney got a little love


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